Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I navigate my course?

A. Use the menu at the top left side of your course. There are 2 blocks available:

Course Navigation

- Course Home takes you to the initial page where all the elements of your course reside.

- Check my grades is used to show the students their grades and progress.


Instructor Course Management (not visible for students)

Schedule Exam allows you to set up when the exams open and close. You can open the exams for your entire group or if necessary for some individuals. Students will not be able to take exams unless you open them. Select the module, the group, the date and time when you want the exams to open and close. Notice the time is in 24 hours format.

- Grade workmanship allows you to enter the grades for the hands-on activities of your course if applicable. You can grade all your students in one page or one student at a time. No grade means that you have not entered a grade yet. Select Competent for those students which successfully completed the hands-on exercise and Not Yet Competent for those who failed the exercise.

- User Report will provide you with a detailed report of your students’ grades. You can see them all in one page or select one student at a time. If you are teaching more than one group, you can also see results for one group of students.

- Export Grades to Excel provides a way to download grades and results of your class for record keeping and for importing it in other systems used by your organization.

- Help for Instructors contains a summary of the most common asked questions and general tips on how to manage your class in this platform.


Q. Why student can’t retake an exam even if I schedule it correctly?

A. When a student fails an exam there is an enforced delay between retakes of 1 day for CISs and 30 days for CITs. Keep this in mind while scheduling retakes.


Q. How do I schedule an exam?

A. Use the Schedule Exam link located in the course home page. Check Schedule Exam in the How do I navigate my course section for more information.


Q. What is the easiest way to grade Workmanship?

A. There are 2 ways to grade hands-on exercises: Quick Grading (recommended) and Grade View.

One and the simplest is to use the link Grade Workmanship in the Home page of the course. This will take you directly to the Quick Grading page where you can View all Submission and enter grades for the entire group of students or just some of them. Make sure the Quick Grading checkbox is checked at the bottom of the page and don’t forget to Save all quick grading changes when you’re done.

Alternatively, you can grade students one at a time in the Grade View, especially if you want to provide them some feedback on how they did in the hands-on exercise. Use the Grade button to do that and then move to the next student. Make sure you Save before moving to the next student. There is a drop-down menu at the top right on this Grade view that allows you to select one student.


Q. Can I take exams in the courses I’m teaching?

A. No. Only students enrolled in the course will be able to take exams.


Q. Will I be able to obtain a certificate for the course I’m teaching?

A. No. Only students enrolled in the course that completes all the certification requirements will be able to get a certificate.


Q. How do I get the certificate for my students?

A. Certificates are generated by the students after completing the requirements for the certification. They click/tap on the certificate link and a PDF file is generated. They can save, download and send you a copy of this file for record keeping purposes.


Q. Why certificates have 2 pages?

A. All certificates have 2 pages. Page 1 is the certificate in Letter size and page 2 is the same certificate in A4 paper size. Students will print their certificate according to their needs and the most commonly used format for his region/country.


Q. Why a certificate does not show all modules completed?

A. The certificate on the Student's Dashboard is the last one the student generated. If the information is not current, or to get the latest grades reflected, students must go into their courses and click/tap on the certificate. That will generate an updated copy of the certificate.